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How To Care

Step 1: Be gentle while removing your lashes, and avoid pulling too hard, to prevent hurting your own eyelashes or ripping the mink eyelashes apart. Remove lashes with oil-free makeup remover by using a Q-tip, oil-based removers remove heavy eye makeup and prevent the quality of Alluramé lashes to get ruined. 
How to Care - Step 1
Step 2: After removing the lashes, ensure you remove any extra glue left on the lashes to prevent the lashes from sticking together and for an easy application when applying next time. You may use a tweezer or fingertips to gently pull of dried glue from the band of the lashes. 
How to Care - Step 2
Step 3: Be very careful when it comes to using any liquid around the lashes, and never let it get soaked in water, since liquid may ruin the style, shape and texture of the lashes.
How to Care - Step 3
Step 4: Store your lashes in the original Alluramé boxes, to avoid ruining the shape, quality and to keep it clean and dust fre
How to Care - Step 4
Step 5: Keep the lashes mascara free, and avoid applying any mascara after the eyelashes has been applied, since it may ruin the quality of the eyelashes.
How to Care - Step 6

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